13 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

Barcelona Volume 1 / Barselona Bölüm 1

Last month I had a chance to spend the weekend in Barcelona/Spain.
Of course spending one full saturday and half sunday was not enough to discover the beauties in Barcelona. This was my first visit but definetely will not be the last one.

The first and according to me is the most important thing is discovering the city by walking. There are so many city tours which gives special 2 or 3 day offers for really lower prices.But still  please try to get every where by walking. I know it will be really very hard but be sure that you will not regret when you suddenly meet a building which makes you waow just atfer turnning the right or left in the street ...

Our first station was Park Guell which is one of  masterpieces of Gaudi. I may say that the part between the hotel and Park Guell was much more fun than the park itself. But if you are a tourist in Barcelona,you can not get out the city without visiting this place.

On the way of park we had breakfast in a bakery.I can say that Catalan people are really good at bakery,especially at bread baking.