18 Ekim 2011 Salı

Scent of a Woman

With an average story , movie  turns into a  masterpiece by the outstanding performance of Al Pacino. His performance especially at the tango scene is spectacular...

7 Ekim 2011 Cuma


Sensiz geçen zaman, iyidir aslında
Hafızamdan bir bir siler yüzündeki çizgileri
Sensiz geçen zaman, zordur aslında
Yüzüme kazır beynimden sildiği çizgileri


27 Eylül 2011 Salı

Salt Bistro @ Salt Beyoglu // Murat Bozok

When this restaurant first opened , you could have found a news about it at almost every newspaper adds. The main reason of this interest was that this was the second restaurant of the owner who was a famous chief - had running another well-know restaurant "Mimolette" very expensive- and the new restaurant's prices were surprisingly average.

As usual, all of editors were mentioning the delight of the food and the cheap prices. My past experiences taught me not to believe in the article's and the editors' advises anymore .However, I still could not help myself since I knew the chief from "Master Chief" TV show and wandered his place and I had a lunch at Salt Bistro last this weekend.

First of all, I have to say that ,Murat Bozok the chief was not there :((( In one of the articles, prices were listed. I have to say that, I met quite higher/increased ones than in the newspaper.I have ordered chicken since I knew it was totally organic. It was the most expensive item of the menu and the price was three times over than regular chicken price. So I kept my expectations really high.

To be honest , chicken was well cooked. But without the dressings served with chicken , there is no big deal to pay so much.One more thing, the chicken served in the plate was so thiny that I had to share half of the sandwich on the table.

26 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

Yalova Bazaar / Yalova Pazarı

As you may know, one of the biggest agricultural city of turkey is Yalova. Most of the vegies and fruits grown in Yalova are distributed to all over the Europen countries. This saturday I had a chane to visit the Yalova Bazaar.To be honest , it was not the biggest one I have ever seen but it was very huge . The most alluring side is you can find the freshest of everyting ever.

If you are somewhere around Yalova on saturdays, I strongly suggest you to visit the bazaar and get some fresh fruit.

31 Temmuz 2011 Pazar

New Gladiator Shoes / Yeni Gladyatör Ayakkabılarım

Geçen yaz Steve Madden çok beğendiğim gladyatör ayakkabıları , biraz daha indirim biraz daha indirim diye diye kaçırmıştım. İş dönüşü her gün vitrinde kendisi ile beş dakikalık bakışmalarımız , selamlaşmalarımız bir akşam aniden onun sessiz sedasız gidişi ile son buldu. Panikle dükkana girip, dükkan sahibinin "maalesef elimizde başka yok" demesi ile yaşadığım hayal kırıklığını anlatamam...Bütün yaz didinip durdum ve acımı hafifletmek için kaçırdıklarım kadar güzel olamasalar da ,  resimlerde göreceğiniz bu güzel cicileri kendime hediye ederek acımı bir nebze olsun hafifletmek istedim...

Denim High Heel Shoes / Denim Yüksek Topuklu Ayakkabı

Geçen yıldan beri denim yüksek topuklu ayakkabı arayışım nihayet son buldu.
Bu ayakkabıları Polaris indiriminden oldukça uygun bir fiyata aldım.İlk defa Polaris bir ayakkabı giyeceğim.Dolayısıyla kalitesi ve rahatlığı hakkında şimdilik hiç bir fikrim yok.Marka son yıllarda gerek model çeşitliliği gerek mağazalaşma konusunda oldukça hızlı bir yükseliş kaydetti. İnşallah bu yükselişin altında yatan ssebep kalitedir ve ayakkabılarım da benim yüzümü kara çıkartmaz..

I have been looking for a denim high heel shoes since last year and finally I found them...They are from Polaris a Turkish shoe brand which has been growing very fast during the last few years. These are my first shoes from Polaris therefore I have no idea about the quality and comfort of the shoes.I hope they and I will be very close friends starting from today.

30 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

Barcelona Volume3 / Barselona Bölüm3

After visiting Park Guell , we head towards to Sagrada Familia ,Antoni Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece,one of Barcelona's most popular tourist attractions.Construction on this church will continue for at least several more decades, but it has already become Barcelona's most important landmark.
Even though the Sagrada Familia is far from finished, the remarkable church is well worth a visit. You can visit the crypt were Gaudí is buried. A museum tells the story of this great architect and the history of the church.You can also visit the towers. An elevator and a long walk will lead you to the top of a tower from where you have a magnificent view over Barcelona. The climb is not recommended for those with fear of heights or for people with claustrophobia!

14 Temmuz 2011 Perşembe


Ellerini bıraktığım gibi
Hayallerim de bırakır beni
Gözlerimden çektiğin an gözlerini
Karanlık kaplar içimi
Sensizliğin düşüncesi bile
Kelepçe vururken pır pır yüreğime
Olmasa hiç ayrılık
Sen hep yanımda kalsan keşke....


10 Temmuz 2011 Pazar

Barcelona Volume 2 /Barselona Bölüm 2

Our first stop in Barcelona was Park  Guell which is one of masterpiece of Gaudi who wanted to create a stylish park for Barcelona .

The park contains amazing stone structures stunning tiling and fascinating buildings.

There is walkway supported by twisting rock pillars that seem to be growing out of the ground like tree trunks. Although these are rather irregular in shape they do feel strangely natural too.

At the top of Guell park is a terraced area where you get a wonderful view of the park and of Barcelona City. Here you will find multi-coloured tiled mosaic seats as shown in this picture. The vibrant colours of the tiles are truly breathtaking.

Park Guell also has a small house in the park which Gaudi lived in at one stage. The house has now been converted into a museum and contains interesting furniture also designed by Gaudi.

13 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

Barcelona Volume 1 / Barselona Bölüm 1

Last month I had a chance to spend the weekend in Barcelona/Spain.
Of course spending one full saturday and half sunday was not enough to discover the beauties in Barcelona. This was my first visit but definetely will not be the last one.

The first and according to me is the most important thing is discovering the city by walking. There are so many city tours which gives special 2 or 3 day offers for really lower prices.But still  please try to get every where by walking. I know it will be really very hard but be sure that you will not regret when you suddenly meet a building which makes you waow just atfer turnning the right or left in the street ...

Our first station was Park Guell which is one of  masterpieces of Gaudi. I may say that the part between the hotel and Park Guell was much more fun than the park itself. But if you are a tourist in Barcelona,you can not get out the city without visiting this place.

On the way of park we had breakfast in a bakery.I can say that Catalan people are really good at bakery,especially at bread baking.