30 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

Barcelona Volume3 / Barselona Bölüm3

After visiting Park Guell , we head towards to Sagrada Familia ,Antoni Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece,one of Barcelona's most popular tourist attractions.Construction on this church will continue for at least several more decades, but it has already become Barcelona's most important landmark.
Even though the Sagrada Familia is far from finished, the remarkable church is well worth a visit. You can visit the crypt were Gaudí is buried. A museum tells the story of this great architect and the history of the church.You can also visit the towers. An elevator and a long walk will lead you to the top of a tower from where you have a magnificent view over Barcelona. The climb is not recommended for those with fear of heights or for people with claustrophobia!

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