27 Eylül 2011 Salı

Salt Bistro @ Salt Beyoglu // Murat Bozok

When this restaurant first opened , you could have found a news about it at almost every newspaper adds. The main reason of this interest was that this was the second restaurant of the owner who was a famous chief - had running another well-know restaurant "Mimolette" very expensive- and the new restaurant's prices were surprisingly average.

As usual, all of editors were mentioning the delight of the food and the cheap prices. My past experiences taught me not to believe in the article's and the editors' advises anymore .However, I still could not help myself since I knew the chief from "Master Chief" TV show and wandered his place and I had a lunch at Salt Bistro last this weekend.

First of all, I have to say that ,Murat Bozok the chief was not there :((( In one of the articles, prices were listed. I have to say that, I met quite higher/increased ones than in the newspaper.I have ordered chicken since I knew it was totally organic. It was the most expensive item of the menu and the price was three times over than regular chicken price. So I kept my expectations really high.

To be honest , chicken was well cooked. But without the dressings served with chicken , there is no big deal to pay so much.One more thing, the chicken served in the plate was so thiny that I had to share half of the sandwich on the table.

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