10 Temmuz 2011 Pazar

Barcelona Volume 2 /Barselona Bölüm 2

Our first stop in Barcelona was Park  Guell which is one of masterpiece of Gaudi who wanted to create a stylish park for Barcelona .

The park contains amazing stone structures stunning tiling and fascinating buildings.

There is walkway supported by twisting rock pillars that seem to be growing out of the ground like tree trunks. Although these are rather irregular in shape they do feel strangely natural too.

At the top of Guell park is a terraced area where you get a wonderful view of the park and of Barcelona City. Here you will find multi-coloured tiled mosaic seats as shown in this picture. The vibrant colours of the tiles are truly breathtaking.

Park Guell also has a small house in the park which Gaudi lived in at one stage. The house has now been converted into a museum and contains interesting furniture also designed by Gaudi.

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