27 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

The Brothers Bloom (2008)

Finally, I found the chance to watch the movie "The Brothers Bloom" which has been waiting to be watched for the last two years in my DVD closet.When the movie was over, I was so asahemed of myself for keeping this movie without watching for such a long time. Because it is exactly what I call as a classic . In other words, a terrific movie with great acting ,music and scenes..

If you are looking for a different movie all together , with a good story line , great acting and lovely music score ( composed by Nathan Johnson , its perfectly matches the essence being portrayed in the movie) , this is it.

Adrien Brody , Mark Ruffalo and Rachel Weiz are just amazing through out the movie . The chemistry between Brody and Ruffalo is certainly a high light of the movie , they don't look like brothers but throughout the movie you hardly notice. Rachel Weiz is as always amazing. Love her character.

Of course i cannot go away without mentioning Rinko Kikuchi as Bang Bang ,hardly any dialogues in the movie .She definitely steals the show as the quirky mysterious sidekick .

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